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Module 4: Risk factors – Speed and inclement weather

This module investigates the effect that excessive speed has on reducing margins and therefore increasing risk. It also looks at the increased risk when driving in poor weather conditions and strategies to combat this.

Module 5: Drugs and driving

This module discusses the effects that prescription and recreational drugs and

alcohol can have on people ability to safely drive a vehicle. Many people do not realise that certain prescriptions drugs can leave them exposed to a criminal conviction for driving.

Module 6: Alcohol and driving

This module discusses the effects that alcohol can have on people ability to safely drive a vehicle.

Module 7: Advanced fatigue

This module aims to raise awareness and educate participants on the risks of fatigue, how to recognise the signs and strategies to combat fatigue.

Module 8: Advanced journey planning

This module aims to look closely at the factors one must consider when planning more complicated or longer distance trips.

Module 9: Fuel efficient driving styles

This module looks at how we can all drive our vehicles in a more efficient manner. there are many different techniques that are easy to remember and when implemented assist with a safer and more fuel-efficient drive.

Module 10: Safety features in modern vehicles

This module looks at the role modern vehicle play in keeping drivers and pedestrians

safe. The module focuses on how these features interact with the driver and what the diver needs to be aware of to get maximum protection.

Module 11: Welcome to New Zealand (Not Yet Availble) Remove this content?

This module is designed to educate international drivers to the unique conditions that they will encounter when driving in New Zealand. An ideal introduction for drivers visiting New Zealand on business.

Module 12: Rural roads

This module investigates the differences between driving in urban environments and the open roads commonly found outside the major cities. We explore the changing conditions and unexpected hazards like farm animals that often take drivers by surprise.

Module 13: Close quarter manouvering

This module is designed to educate drivers to be more aware of the hazards found in places like carparks. We look to raise awareness of techniques such as reverse parking and pre- drive walk arounds.

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